Eric Amardheil, technical redactor : “But we redactors only have laptops for office automation”

“Illustrators have real computers to create CAD drawings, but we redactors only have laptops for office automation” Eric is technical redactor at Akka Technologies and uses 3D Juump Ace to deliver technical documentation for Airbus and other customers. Here are few questions about how the software an fulfil his needs. “We were producing all the “structural repair manuals”.” Eric, could you please describe your job? We operate in the context of technical publications and mainly for the client Airbus, which

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Laurent Galaup, Project Expert : “A better understanding of a complex system.”

Laurent Galaup is project expert at Akka Technologies, he conceives storyboards for training modules. Hello, could you please describe your job? I work as a technical designer for training. I create storyboards destined to the development of training modules, mainly for aeronautics, but also for other domains like automotive and railway. How did you discover 3D Juump Ace? I worked within the company RealFusio when it had a service that produced training content. We worked using VisDmu, the “ancestor” of

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3D Juump Ace – Settings

In this quick tips tutorial, we will see how to use Settings to customize your interface. Side Panels In this tutorial, we will see how to use Settings to customize your interface. By default, you have two side panels. To hide them, click on Settings. The panel options are located in the Display options. Uncheck the Tool panel. Your Tool panel is hidden. In the same Settings panel, uncheck the Product structure panel. Your product structure panel is hidden. Units

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3D Juump Ace tutorial – colorize

3D Juump Ace is more than a simple CAD viewer. Discover how to colorize and add material to objects. Isolate the parts and make your DMU realistic and easy to review. User Manual Material tools The Material tools define the appearance of objects in the 3D view. Material Tools Material library: Exhaustive list of the available materials of the current project, Eyedropper tool: Select material in the 3D view and display in the Material editor, Create new material: Create

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3D Juump Ace – 3.0 release

The 3.0 version of 3D juump Ace is out now. And it brings major improvements. Such as annotations management. Discover how this version can make your work easier and faster. Specifically if you’re working on work instructions. 05/18/2021: VERSION 3.0 A lot of new things come along with this version of 3D juump Ace! The most important evolution is certainly the possibility to load and display annotations saved in CAD files (first version only for Catia files). But it also comes

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Corridor Confessions 2 – Benjamin Hubert UI/UX technical manager

If the software is easy to use and well designed, there someone behind it. This someone is our UI/UX technical manager : Benjamin Hubert. He confesses himself in “Corridor Confessions”. “A successful project is a project that responds to need of a client” What’s your job at Real Fusio? I’ve been working at RealFusio for more than 12 years. I joined the team at the end of my end-of-studies internship. I’m the UI/UX manager. UI for User Interface, UX for

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