3d Juump Ace – Navigation Mode

3D Juump Ace is easy to use. A few simple clicks allow easy navigation between elements.


Hidden objects and ghosts are accessible by a simple click. Different paths are possible for more flexibility.

Right click on the selected object

Select Hide and your object is hidden

To view your hidden objects, select the eye and click on Hidden parts visual space.

To ghost your items, click on Ghost

Visualize only your ghost objects by selecting Ghosted parts visual space.

X-Ray and Co

Now let’s see the navigation modes at the bottom left.

X-Ray navigation mode allows to see through elements when camera goes throught it

Toggle wireframe rendering

the future of work instructions

3D Juump Kiwi, the future of work-instructions

Assembly and maintenance departments are now connected to the digital-twin of your product. In real time. Huge time-savings for technical editors. The future of the work instructions Create step-by-step illustrated maintenance procedures straight out from

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