Corridor Confessions 5 – the front end developer

Ronico is a fresh front end developer at 3D Juump. Discover what he has to say about his job and being a youngster among a senior team.

"You better be ready to face criticism."

What's your job?

I’m in charge of graphical matters on web interfaces.

So what I do is mostly creating reusable components that we’ll then reusein the various applications we’ve created.

How did you end up here?

I started in May 2022 as a trainee. And the funny thing is that I was refused by the manager at first.
But I did a lot of interfacing, especially during lockdown. I’ve improved a lot. I already had a good base, on web technologies. And in fact, it was exactly what the team was looking for. It was this transition from native applications to web applications.

What is the most difficult in your job ?

It’s knowing what’s important for the end user, I think. What’s important to you as a developer, is not necessarily what’s important for the end user. Because he can’t see all the effort we’ve put into it. In general, what I do is develop features fairly quickly. I’m more into functionality, so I try to make something functional and then I have the team test it, I make a demo
and in general it’s the team that gives me feedback.


And I’d say that’s a quality to have: It’s about being comfortable with criticism because when you make interfaces,
anyone can come and judge, anyone can see what you’re doing. This is the gateway to the application.
And so you better be ready to face with criticism and always try to improve the software accordingly.

And do you face criticism pretty easily ?

Yes, I’m fine with it.
They’re a bit of a tease sometimes, but it’s okay.

Youngsters vs old school... Any conflict ?

There are differences. They’re not really conflicts, but it’s more like another way of looking at things. I tend to be on the lookout for all the latest news and trends in the web world, in the technological field, in artificial intelligence, for example, that sort of thing. I often come up with new ideas, new technologies.

I suggest we try new things and I’m quite happy because there were quite a few suggestions on my part that in the end
are now part of the software and work great.

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