3D Juump Ace tutorial – move components with reference system

3D Juump Ace is more than a simple CAD viewer. Discover how to use the reference system tool to manage the translation of components easily. User Manual Transformation editor In the transformation editor we can find tools like translate, rotate, scale, and align. Toolbox / Transformation editor / Tools The Translate tool enables to translate objects along axes from frames; basically, when the Transformation editor is activated, the user can move objects around the sceneReference system: Enables to configure the

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3D Juump Ace – 3 tips to improve your workflow

3 time saving tips that make life easier : Import an object in your scene or replace an obsolete object at its exact position, manage the naming in your Product Structure and optimize by number of triangles. Easy Import In 3D Juump Ace, select the item to be replaced directly in your Product structure. Right-click / Import Your new object is located under the previous one in the tree view. It’s also correctly positioned in the 3D scene . No

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The 2022 Digital Twin teamwork

The team isn’t sleeping. Get prepared to deploy the finest features for a true digital twin. Follow the entire life cycle of your product: visualize, research, analyze and produce contents through the 3D Juump collaborative mockup. Enjoy teamwork!

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3d Juump Ace – Navigation Mode

3D Juump Ace is easy to use. A few simple clicks allow easy navigation between elements. Navigation Hidden objects and ghosts are accessible by a simple click. Different paths are possible for more flexibility. Right click on the selected object Select Hide and your object is hidden To view your hidden objects, select the eye and click on Hidden parts visual space. To ghost your items, click on Ghost Visualize only your ghost objects by selecting Ghosted parts visual space.

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Eric Amardheil, technical redactor : “But we redactors only have laptops for office automation”

“Illustrators have real computers to create CAD drawings, but we redactors only have laptops for office automation” Eric is technical redactor at Akka Technologies and uses 3D Juump Ace to deliver technical documentation for Airbus and other customers. Here are few questions about how the software an fulfil his needs. “We were producing all the “structural repair manuals”.” Eric, could you please describe your job? We operate in the context of technical publications and mainly for the client Airbus, which

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Laurent Galaup, Project Expert : “A better understanding of a complex system.”

Laurent Galaup is project expert at Akka Technologies, he conceives storyboards for training modules. Hello, could you please describe your job? I work as a technical designer for training. I create storyboards destined to the development of training modules, mainly for aeronautics, but also for other domains like automotive and railway. How did you discover 3D Juump Ace? I worked within the company RealFusio when it had a service that produced training content. We worked using VisDmu, the “ancestor” of

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