3D Juump Ace Tutorial – the search tool

3D Juump Ace is way more than a simple 3D viewer. Discover how to navigate easily among components with the search tool.

Video in french language with english subtitles.

User Manual

Free text search

A Free text search returns objects of which any metadata contain the typed value.

To launch a Free text search, type the value to search and press Enter: eg. abc to get all objects containing abc.

The value is not case sensitive; eg. abc will return parts named ABC

Advanced search

An Advanced search is a search narrowed by a series of different filters.

Search engine uses PCRE query syntax.

String search: Return value(s) containing spaces
To launch a String search, use quotes; eg. “front left wheel”.

Search on metadata: Return value(s) depending on metadata specification
To launch a Search on metadata, use colon; eg. :s_component_responsable=Joe.
Then, a Search on metadata can be sharpened, adding a second (or more) query(ies).

Contains metadata search: Match with metadata containing typed value
To launch a Contains metadata search, use simple equal; eg. :name=abs123 to match with all objects for which metadata name contains abs123.

Excluding metadata search: Match with metadata with any value not matching
To launch an Excluding metadata search, use operators <>; eg. :color<>blue to match with all objects for which color metadata differs from blue.

Relational operator metadata search: Match with metadata containing numerical value depending on an operator query
To launch a Relational operators metadata search, use =, <>, <, <=, >, >=; eg. :weight>42.

Logical combinator metadata search: Match with metadata combining 2 or more several value(s) and/or alternatives
To launch an And/or metadata search, combine with “()”, “and” & “or” operators; eg. (:price<1.23) and (:name==”red cabbage”).

Priority is given from left to right and, although it is not mandatory, upon bracketing

Searched results visualization

A Searched results visualization enables to visualize the results of the search currently performed. To visualize results once search has been launched, just click on an item; it generates a crosslink in the application.

3D juump Ace search tool

Visualize results © akka

Searched value: Value that has been typed in the search box

Select object: A single left click enables to select a searched element. Element flashes in yellow in the 3D view and is identified in the Mini-Id-card.

Reframe object: A double left click enables to both select and center the camera in the 3D view on a searched element. Element flashes in yellow in the 3D view, is identified in the Mini-Id-card and the content is scrolled in the Product structure until the corresponding element is visible; this allows the user to quickly find the location of an object in the hierarchy.


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