3D Juump Ace – 3.0 release

The 3.0 version of 3D juump Ace is out now. And it brings major improvements. Such as annotations management. Discover how this version can make your work easier and faster. Specifically if you’re working on work instructions.

05/18/2021: VERSION 3.0

A lot of new things come along with this version of 3D juump Ace! The most important evolution is certainly the possibility to load and display annotations saved in CAD files (first version only for Catia files). But it also comes with many new functionalities and improvements, described below:
  • Substantial redesign of the GUI Addition of a homepage at startup
  • Moved the toolbox to a panel on the right
  • Redesign of the view bar Added a filter “by type” of the product structure
  • Added information on measures
  • Added a flat rendering mode
Additionally, this update also includes other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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