Corridor Confessions 2 – Benjamin Hubert UI/UX technical manager

If the software is easy to use and well designed, there someone behind it. This someone is our UI/UX technical manager : Benjamin Hubert. He confesses himself in "Corridor Confessions".

"A successful project is a project that responds to need of a client"

What's your job at Real Fusio?

I’ve been working at RealFusio for more than 12 years. I joined the team at the end of my end-of-studies internship. I’m the UI/UX manager. UI for User Interface, UX for User Experience. That means I’m in charge of defining how the applications behave and how the users interact with them.

Tell us about the products you're working on.

I’m working on both of the main softwares of the company. There is 3D Juump Infinite and 3D Juump Ace. Infinite is a visualizer for massive digital mockups, and 3D Juump Ace is a lightweight visualizer for smaller CAD models. Ace was born from an alder project called simply “3D Juump”. That project was abandoned because it didn’t really match what clients needs, so we decided to repurpose it completely, and that’s how it became 3D Juump Ace. Essentially, it was developed to target more precise objectives regarding what it could produce and what clients needed.

What is a successful project?

That’s a good question… A successful project is a project that responds to need of a client, in my opinion. That is, it offers a solution to a client, whoever he is.

What is your main pain point ?

Well… what’s the most difficult thing in my job?… Trying to find solutions for clients immediately, when that’s not necessarily something that would make the software better. When a client points something out to us, we have to take it into account because it’s important to him ; but we also have to digest that, to synthesize what he needs, so we can relate it to another client’s problem. The problems will seem different, but essentially we’ll find a common solution, which is better than providing two specific solutions.

We heard about triathlon...

Yes, I’m practicing triathlon – at least trying to. I’m not practicing everyday but 3 or 4 times a week. I’m excited to do the race this year. The main difficulty will be the transitions, something you don’t practice so much. Knowing how to start cycling when you just stopped swimming… and going through all the races at once. I have no idea how this will turn out…

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