3D Juump Ace 2.4 release : overview of the brand new features

3D Juump Ace is way more than a simple 3D viewer. 

Here are explained the main new features of the 3D Juump Ace 2.4 release. How to use the auto align on surfaces/edges/axis, and the awesome adjust pivot “with feature” which places easily and precisely an axis of rotation.

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03/12/2020: VERSION 2.4-Hotfix

Fixes bugs which sometimes occur when the user attempts to:

  • Load some unsupported file formats, notably the DXF (which is only supported as an export format).
  • Create a new session.

The camera position of views is now correctly saved when the projection mode is set to “orthographic”.

Microsoft Store version only: the DXF file format is no longer identified as an import format supported by 3D Juump Ace.

03/06/2020: VERSION 2.4

With this version 2.4, 3D Juump Ace offers a new look.
With its new navigation interface, 3D Juump Ace aims to be:

  • even easier to use by anyone, whether CAD expert or not,
  • closer to its users, by guiding them step by step through its various functions,
  • and finally event more fun to use thanks to its revisited and colorful interface.

Also, in this new update, we kept developing helper tools, notably new functionalities for “Align” tool. We also updated our file import libraries to take into account the evolutions of the various formats supported by the software.

What is new in the version:

Improved of GUI

  • Modification of the ergonomics of the menus
  • Added an “Edit” menu
  • Renamed the “Option” menu to “Setting”
  • Reorganization of the “Settings” windows
  • Added a “Privacy” tab in the settings
  • Added an access to help tools (Tutorials, Support, Community) from the “Help” menu

3D Formats and metadata

  • Improved management of already supported formats
  • Improved metadata import

Enhancements of existing tools

  • Transform

    The “Align” helper is more powerful. It’s now possible to align an object with any kind of feature (circle, line, point…)
  • New “World orientation” mode

    Introduced a new mode of world orientation named “Features”. It positions the orientation along a selected feature of the object
  • Search

    Extended the search to all the metadata of the scene
    The field which matched in the search is now displayed as a tooltip

License Manager

  • License manager improvement for easier understanding and use

    All settings are centralized in the same place with highlight on important information

Overhaul of user interface messages

  • Added instructional messages
  • Added information messages
  • Added contextual messages
  • Added messages to prompt contribution to the enhancement of the software

And Also, this update brings bug fixes and improvements.

It notably:

  • resolves a bug which could prevent metadata enrichment (“optio” panel of “metadata enrichment”)
  • resolves a bug where the “hide/show edition” panel would malfunction
  • resolves a bug concerning fbx files loading (fbx loader)
  • fixes the display of the measurements in the Product Structure
  • fixes a rendering engine bug
  • fixes a bug concerning the switch to Compatibility Mode when the graphic card was insufficient
  • fixes a bug which could prevent handling of the orientation cube
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