3D Juump Ace Version 2.4 : les nouvelles fonctionnalités

3D Juump Ace est bien plus qu’un simple 3D viewer.

Ce tutoriel vidéo aborde les nouvelles fonctionnalités relatives à l’auto alignement des pièces en surface / arête / axe de rotation. Et surtout, nous allons voir ici l’outil « adjust pivot » en mode « feature » qui permet de choisir en 3 clics l’axe de rotation sur lequel l’outil doit tourner.

Vidéo en français, sous-titré anglais

Data provided by Akka Technologies

03/12/2020: VERSION 2.4-Hotfix

Fixes bugs which sometimes occur when the user attempts to:

  • Load some unsupported file formats, notably the DXF (which is only supported as an export format).
  • Create a new session.

The camera position of views is now correctly saved when the projection mode is set to « orthographic ».

Microsoft Store version only: the DXF file format is no longer identified as an import format supported by 3D Juump Ace.

03/06/2020: VERSION 2.4

With this version 2.4, 3D Juump Ace offers a new look.
With its new navigation interface, 3D Juump Ace aims to be:

  • even easier to use by anyone, whether CAD expert or not,
  • closer to its users, by guiding them step by step through its various functions,
  • and finally event more fun to use thanks to its revisited and colorful interface.

Also, in this new update, we kept developing helper tools, notably new functionalities for « Align » tool. We also updated our file import libraries to take into account the evolutions of the various formats supported by the software.

What is new in the version:

Improved of GUI

  • Modification of the ergonomics of the menus
  • Added an « Edit » menu
  • Renamed the « Option » menu to « Setting »
  • Reorganization of the « Settings » windows
  • Added a « Privacy » tab in the settings
  • Added an access to help tools (Tutorials, Support, Community) from the « Help » menu

3D Formats and metadata

  • Improved management of already supported formats
  • Improved metadata import

Enhancements of existing tools

  • Transform

    The « Align » helper is more powerful. It’s now possible to align an object with any kind of feature (circle, line, point…)

  • New « World orientation » mode

    Introduced a new mode of world orientation named « Features ». It positions the orientation along a selected feature of the object

  • Search

    Extended the search to all the metadata of the scene
    The field which matched in the search is now displayed as a tooltip

License Manager

  • License manager improvement for easier understanding and use

    All settings are centralized in the same place with highlight on important information

Overhaul of user interface messages

  • Added instructional messages
  • Added information messages
  • Added contextual messages
  • Added messages to prompt contribution to the enhancement of the software

And Also, this update brings bug fixes and improvements.

It notably:

  • resolves a bug which could prevent metadata enrichment (« optio » panel of « metadata enrichment »)
  • resolves a bug where the « hide/show edition » panel would malfunction
  • resolves a bug concerning fbx files loading (fbx loader)
  • fixes the display of the measurements in the Product Structure
  • fixes a rendering engine bug
  • fixes a bug concerning the switch to Compatibility Mode when the graphic card was insufficient
  • fixes a bug which could prevent handling of the orientation cube

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