How to use 3D Juump Ace to export images of 3D parts and assemblies.

In this video tutorial, learn how to export images to .jpeg, .bmp or .png in order to illustrate a presentation, a pdf or a parts catalogue. Also, see how to change the background color or make it transparent.

Tutorial in French with English subtitles.

User Guide:

4.3.1 - Export tool

The Export tool lets you export the content of the current project to different file types. The type of the exported content can be selected in the top bar menu of the Export.

Export tool – formats

Image export tool: Export a picture that has been created or captured in electronic form.
Vectorial export tool: Export digital images created through a sequence of commands or mathematical statements that place lines and shapes in a given two-dimensional or three-dimensional space
Bill Of Material export tool: Export a list of the available metadata
3D data export tool: Export data that provide depth perception

4.3.1 - Export image tool (IMG)

In the Export image tool (IMG), the user can modify export options.

Export raster image 

Preview raster image: Enables the user to visualize the applied criteria before exporting a raster image.


Export raster image: Allows the user to directly export a raster image (bitmap) in PNG, JPG or TIFF format Image export shows parts effectively loaded in the 3D view.


Image Definition: Output size of the raster image


Supersampling: Number of samples per pixel (larger value = better quality)


Override background color: When the option is selected, edit the background color for the export only


Remove background color: When the option is selected, edit the background transparency

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