3D Juump Ace 2.5 Mise à jour de version

Découvrez les nouvelles fonctionnalités de la version 2.5 de 3D Juump Ace. Nouveaux formats acceptés, refonte de l'ergonomie, ajout de filtres...

11/02/2020: VERSION 2.5

This new version brings notable improvements to the stability and the performance of the application thanks to a rewrite of part of its foundations.

It harmonizes the trial versions offered on the realfusio.com website and the Microsoft Store: a full trial version available for 14 days, for free, without commitment and without filling in bank details.


It also comes with many new functionalities and improvements, described below:


• Better handling of the visible, hidden and ghost spaces.

• Redesign of the search tool: the visibility state is now taken into account, the 3D view is synchronized with the search results, and you can now select all or some of the results. There is also a quick access to some useful functionalities.

• Added a filter to the product structure view to quickly find its elements Added a new CAD-oriented camera controller.

• Added a keyboard shortcut ‘W’ to make it easier to switch between the visible, hidden spaces.

• Added a « fit to selection » function (space key) to fit the zoom to the selected objects.

3D formats and metadata
• New export formats : SAT.
• New import format : Rhino3D.
• Improved the Collada file format export.

Installation of updates: when the user accepts to install the 3D Juump Ace updates automatically, the install file is now saved in the Windows default directory. This way, it’s possible to run the installer manually if a problem occurred during the first execution.

This update also includes other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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