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3 – Installation

3.1 – Host requirements

Minimum configuration requirements to install and run 3D Juump Ace are:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 / 64-bit
  • Processor: 1.2GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Hard drive: 1GB
  • Keyboard and mouse for a full use

An administrator account is mandatory to install 3D Juump Ace. Please note that the administrator account is only required upon installation. Once installed, 3D Juump Ace can be started from any regular account of the host computer.

3.2 – Installation process

3.2.1 – Install classic version

To install 3D Juump Ace 2.4:

  • Double click on the installer (requires administrator privileges):
  • 3DJuump Ace X64-setup-admin-2.x.xxx.exe for the 64-bit version
  • Validate the license agreement
  • If required, change the installation folder
  • Then, if needed, modify the program folder in the start menu and choose if you want to create a shortcut on the desktop
  • Click on the Install button to start the installation

The installer will deploy 3D Juump Ace application, plus any dependencies (including Visual C++ Redistributable).

Note: an alternative installer is also available for standard users lacking administrator privileges. This installer does not deploy any _Redistributable_hence it is only usable on computers already equipped with both of the following:

  • Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 x64
  • Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 x64

3.2.2 – Install Microsoft Store version

The Microsoft Store for Windows 10 version of 3D Juump Ace can be installed only using Microsoft Store.

Please go to Microsoft Support, in section ‘Microsoft Store and applications’ for details concerning installation and subscription management through your Windows account.

3.3 – License Manager

License Manager / Trial, fixed, floating or Microsoft store license

To connect to 3D Juump Ace, 4 options are available, renewable and modifiable in the License manager:

  • Trial license: License for new users for a time-limited evaluation.
  • Fixed-license: License associated with a single and Designated Computer.
  • Floating-License: Shareable License. A Floating-License allows use 3D Juump Ace on any computer linked to a Token network.
  • Microsoft store licence: available only if you buy 3D Juump Ace on Microsoft Store for Windows 10. Otherwise this option is not available.
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